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Testimonial of a satisfied customer.


  I saw next to the Cottage Street Pasta shop in Barre, ‘Ping’s Sausage Shop’. Too good to be true. Let me just say that as much as I love living in central VT, and as one who hasn’t been to major cities more than 25 times in his entire life, when I am in a huge metropolitan area I always seek out the local ethnic markets, whether they be Asian, Hispanic, whatever. Sometimes I end up picking up some strange bottle of soda, a new hot sauce or some weird cookie. There are a few ethnic markets in the North End of Burlington, such as an Asian one and an African one, but they are few and far between. There’s nothing like that in the Montpelier area. But there is Ping’s Sausage Shop. I’ve been trying to find good chorizo, the Spanish and/or Mexican sausage. My mom brought some up from Florida, but it’s mainstream Swift/Armour/whatever stuff, kinda scary and full of preservatives and possibly dead Mexicans. So I go into the store.

Pretty spartan, with some freezers off to the side, a lady making ravioli greeted me. I saw they had 6 kinds of sausages, including chorizo. Other than that and mortadella, I hadn’t heard of the other kinds so she went and got the sausage maker, a middle-aged guy who looked just like he could have been the butcher in a shop in Little Italy in the 50’s. Turns out he was of Spanish descent, Castilian Spanish, as he proudly informed me. He still looked like he could’ve been one of my Italian uncles. Anyways, he explained to me what all the different sausages were, and the chorizo was Spanish style, not as spicy as the Mexican kind. The mortadella wasn’t that ‘big bologna with the chunks of fat’ you see in the deli case(that was actually ‘mortadella di Bologna, the Italian kind). His was some kind of liver sausage. I’ll pass on that one.

The other kinds, all of which I’d never heard of, were salamini, zampet, vaniglia (which actually is flavored with vanilla), and the one I bought, luganiga. The warmth that this guy showed, and the way he talked about his (preservative-free) sausages, he was the real deal. We talked about organ meats, how people who grew up during the Depression never wasted anything when it came to food, and a few other things. I knew I’d be back even before I tried the sausage.

Cooked up dinner for me and Jenni. The sausage was awesome. I didn’t know what to expect, it didn’t taste like Italian sausage or anything else I’d had before. There was a predominant spice in there that was really familiar to me but I’m not sure what it was (Jenni thinks it might be rosemary-turns out it was nutmeg). Definitely gonna go back and try the rest (except for the mortadella-I don’t do liver).

 SO here’s my plug, and this is the closest you’ll ever get to an endorsement from me… When in Barre, VT (or within a reasonable drive), be sure to check this guy out, he’ll appreciate the business…

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